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Meow, hello there, my name is Katherine, but you can call me Kat; because I basically am a cat. Anyways, I am a 26-year-old, lifestyle blogger, with an INFP-T personality type, from the United States. I love fashion, the color pink, cats, dogs, and spending all my time on my computer. I'm often seen wearing cat ears headbands.
The Kat Life
The Kat Life

how I'm choosing to live my best life

Friday, November 1, 2019

Mega LOVE For Autumn Tag 2019

Photo courtesy of Carly Kewley of Unsplash

First of all, I'd like to give a huge thank you to Mari for tagging me to participate in this amazing Autumn tag; you can check out her response to this Fall questionnaire here.  

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, although it tends to come a little late in Ohio, and Winter tends to approach quickly once Autumn actually sets in; but I still enjoy Autumn for the few weeks it's actually here. With that being said though, Autumn is making its quick visit in Ohio as I'm sitting here writing this, so let's take a moment to sit down and really appreciate this colorful season. 

Mega Love For Fall Tag

The Questions

Fall Pumpkins
Photo courtesy of Karolina Grabowska of KaboomPics

1 - What signifies the start of Autumn for you? 

Temperatures are consistently somewhere between the 40s and low-70s for the majority of the day, the leaves are starting to change colors, sweaters and warm clothes start to make an appearance; and you start seeing pumpkins and plaid everywhere. That's pretty much what the start of Autumn for me!

2 - What are you most excited about for Fall? 

Being able to have the extra blanket on my bed; I love the weight of the 5 blankets I sleep with during the colder months, but it's too hot during the summer to have all of them. Then let's not forget about the hot beverages and how colorful the season is! I also live for an excuse to stay inside all day on those rainy Autumn days.

3 - Name one place you want to visit this Autumn.

I really want to take a walk down to this one park in my neighborhood that overlooks a wooded area, before all the leaves fall. It's really simple but I've actually never walked up there during the Fall in all the years I've lived here to see that amazing view; which is crazy!

4 - What is one item on your Autumn bucket list?

I don't really make seasonal or even yearly bucket lists, but I should start doing that; I guess I'll add that to my 2020 New Year's Resolutions! But one thing I really want to do before Winter comes is go on at least one more long scenic walk; as I tend to start retreating to my room a lot more as Summer ends, but I know I'll want nothing to do with the outdoors once the snow flies.

5 - What is the best way to spend a rainy day?

Staying indoors wrapped in the cozy hooded blanket that I got for Christmas in 2018, while drinking a cup of tea or some hot chocolate, and spending the whole day watching YouTube videos, reading a good book or some blog posts, writing a blog post, or playing The Sims 3.

6 - What gets you into the Fall spirit?

Seeing Halloween decor always puts me into the Fall spirit, for sure; as well as the decor that works for Thanksgiving and Autumn in general. The Halloween and Autumn-related posts all over social media also put me into the Fall spirit as well. 

7 - Describe your ideal Fall day.

Hmm... I think I'm gonna break this one down into sections! Because I have the perfect day pretty much all planned out!

Morning - I'd wake up nice and early, perhaps around 7:00 AM, and prepare myself a hot cup of tea with honey or maybe a cup of hot cider instead; and have a full waffle or pancake breakfast to go with it. From there I'd spend most of my morning either coloring or scrolling through Pinterest and/or Instagram to look at photos of Autumn decor, Fall fashion, and Fall-inspired quotes while wrapped in a blanket with my hot beverage. Once I'm done with my hot cuppa, I'd put on my warmer workout clothes and either go for a long scenic walk or a quick jog in the brisk but pleasant weather; taking a little break in the park to sit down and look at all the pretty colors of the falling leaves. I'll probably take quite a few pictures while I'm out too, let's be honest. Eventually, I'd make my way back home, and I'd likely be a little chilly by the time I got through the door unless I was jogging, rather than walking, so I'd warm myself back up with a good workout, or maybe just a nice yoga or stretch session. After that, I'd likely make another hot drink and sit back down in my chair and read for a little while.

Noon - Around noon I'd make some lunch or prepare some leftovers for lunch, and bring it back to my desk so I can enjoy my lunch while I watch some YouTube videos. After lunch, I'd get to work and work on my blog for a little while and start writing a post and look for the perfect stock photos to use in it, or maybe I'll even take a couple photos of my own. I'd spend the remainder of my quiet time in the afternoon working on my post; before everyone gets home. 

Evening - When everyone gets home, I'd start cooking dinner; by cooking, I really mean tossing some chicken tenders into the air frier and preparing some quick macaroni and cheese from a box, but you get the idea. But in all honesty, maybe someone else would have a better idea for dinner and cook instead? That way I can play some Sims 3 or continue working on my blog post; as my dog (a yellow lab named Tater) lays on the bed behind me. I also wouldn't mind spending the evening catching up on The Walking Dead or American Horror Story with my family, or maybe even watching some AEW if it's a Wednesday? 

Night - I'm not gonna lie, as much as I enjoy family time in front of the TV, my favorite part of the evening is when everyone starts going to bed; I'm an introvert, so I love when things start to quiet down. As everyone goes to bed, I'd start doing dishes, a chore I actually find to be relaxing sometimes, and then immediately after that, I'd start getting ready to hop in the shower. To end off a perfect day, I'd make it one of my extra-long "self-care" showers, with some added steps to my nightly routine; such as a charcoal or a peel-off mud mask. As I'm waiting for my mask to dry I'd go back to my bedroom for a bit, put on some warm pajamas, journal a bit, and start planning for the next day to be just as awesome as this day has been. After washing off my mask, I'd start getting ready for sleep, adding some nice Fall-scented essential oils to my diffuser, and finding a quick guided meditation to do before I do my bedtime stretches. And as I'm doing my bedtime stretches, a steady rainstorm rolls in and continues through the night as I start drifting off to sleep. 

8 - What TV show are you most excited about this Fall? 

I always get excited for The Walking Dead and American Horror Story! There are only a couple episodes of American Horror Story left in this season, but I've really been enjoying 1984. The Walking Dead is just getting started though, so I'm super excited about that!

9 - What are you being for Halloween / What were you for Halloween? 

And I oop-- I actually kind of missed Halloween! The town I live in always does their Halloween festivities on a Saturday, regardless of what day Halloween actually falls on, and  I totally missed it this year. Then the weather was pretty gross for both the 26th and the 31st, and I don't party, so there's not much I could have done indoors either. I do have this amazing vampiress/countess costume that I have to put to use next year though!

10 - What is Fall weather like where you live? 

As I said in my answer to the first question, the temperature is generally somewhere in the 40s to the low-70s; but it can drop into the 30s at night. We also usually see temperatures in the mid-60s more often than in the low-70s. There's also a lot of rainy and windy days, and it's often so cloudy I just want to sleep all day; but that's a bad habit for me to get into, haha. 

11 - What changes do you look forward to in Autumn? 

Setting the clock back an hour, and getting back the hour of sleep I lost in the Spring, LMAO. I wouldn't be mad if we just turned the clocks back an hour and never touched them again after the upcoming fall-back though. 

12 - Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

This is kind of embarrassing, but I've never actually tried it. *facepalm*

13 - What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Autumn?

Colorful leaves; colorful leaves everywhere!

14 - What is your go-to Autumnal beauty product? A must-have staple.

I don't do anything too specific with my beauty routine season-wise, though I do tend to go more for warm-toned eyeshadows over anything too brightly colored or cool-toned during the Fall months. My Autumn staple beauty products come more in the form of Autumn-scented lotions and body sprays from Bath And Body Works. I love smelling good, and I often wear perfume when I'm working out, or even just sitting around the house.

15 - Do you have any Autumn traditions?

Honestly, not really, but I'd really like to start some; one of my New Year's resolutions for 2020 is to start some more seasonal and holiday traditions. But if this counts as an Autumn tradition, my birthday is in late-October, and usually, Autumn weather has rolled in by that time; and every year I ask for the same thing for my birthday dinner, and we get a marble cake from one of our local grocery chains. Usually, my mom will try to get a cake with an Autumn or Halloween design for my birthday, if possible. So if that counts?

16 - The moment of truth, is Autumn your favorite season? 

I love Autumn, but I'll be honest, it's tied with Spring, and Summer is ahead. Winter is in dead last, I really do not like Winter, and sometimes Autumn makes me sad; just because I keep remembering that Winter is coming. 

17 - Do you decorate your room/home for Autumn? 

Usually, I would decorate my room a little for Halloween, but my room is a bit of a mess right now, as I have so much stuff lying around for when my room gets redone. So I didn't really decorate my room this year. I actually need to find a way to store some of this stuff so I can decorate my room for Christmas, as I likely won't be able to repaint my room until Spring.

18 - Do you have any Fall pet peeves or something you dislike about Fall?

Well, because we're being honest here, YES! I'm not a fan of the cold, and Fall reminds me that Winter is coming; gross. I also don't like spending an entire Friday or Saturday raking leaves or trying to get them to the curb with a leaf blower. 

Fall Favorites

Photo courtesy of Thought Catalog of Unsplash

1 - What is your favorite Autumnal color? 

I always love the various shades of orange! My favorites are the darker orange-browns. 

2 - What is your Fall scent? 

I love the smell of maple!

3 - What is your favorite Autumn candle? 

I'm actually not too keen on burning candles, I'm kinda afraid I'll accidentally burn the house down, LMAO. I just got a HomeWorx fragrance warmer for Christmas last year though, and I kind of like the Harvest Pumpkin scent. I may try to look for some more, if they sell Gelables for my fragrance warmer at Bath and Body Works. Autumn stuff should be going on sale soon right?

4 - What is your favorite Fall fashion item? 

The warm sweaters! 

5 - What is your favorite Fall accessory? 

I have a bit of a soft spot for scarves and wraps. There are so many ways you can style them too! 

6 - What is your favorite Autumn lip color? 

I love brownish-red lip colors for Autumn!

7 - What is your favorite Fall nail polish? 

I absolutely love copper and bronze nail polishes for the Fall!

8 - What is your favorite Autumnal drink? 

Apple cider, for sure!

9 - What is your favorite Fall treat? 

A slice of pumpkin roll is always amazing!

10 - What is your favorite Fall flavor? 

Caramel; I'm not sure that it's really a Fall flavor specifically, because I also see a lot of it in the Winter, but it reminds me of a lot Fall.

11 - What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? 

My mom makes this amazing baked macaroni that goes perfectly with the more tradition Thanksgiving fixings we have. 

12 - What is your favorite Halloween candy? 

Reese's cups and Kit-Kats are tied.

13 - What is your favorite Fall/Halloween song? 

I listen to a lot of alternative rock, but shockingly, none of the stuff I listen to really has any sort of "spooky" or Halloween theme to it; plus I listen to all of it year-round anyways. I also don't really know of any Autumn-ish songs, so I'm not sure how to answer this one.

14 - What is your favorite Fall/Halloween film? 

I don't really have a specific Fall or Halloween movie I like either, but I love watching horror movies in October. It's always hard for me to pick a favorite movie in general though outside of Mean Girls, haha. 

15 - What is your favorite Autumn makeup look? 

Neutral eyeshadow colors with some pops of dark-red or orange tones, and some bronze, copper, or gold metallic shadows. 

16 - What is your favorite Autumn beauty trend this year? 

I don't really follow seasonal beauty trends, so I'm not entirely sure what the beauty trends for this Autumn are.

17 - What is your favorite Fall fashion trend this year? 

I don't follow yearly seasonal fashion trends all that closely either because I have my own style that's not really influenced all that much by current trends. I may just have to add a cape to my wardrobe if I find an affordable one I really like this year though.

18 - What is your favorite/most-worn sweater or jumper? 

I actually just got this really cute sweater earlier this year that I have yet to wear, but I love it already and can't wait to finally put on! I'm not entirely sure where it's from because it was given to me as a second-hand gift, but it's a gorgeous dark yellow sweater, with a little detailing laced through the sleeves and ties at the wrist. 

19 - What is your favorite Autumn memory? 

When I was in 6th or 7th grade I went to my first haunted house. I went thinking I was so tough from watching scary movies, and that I wouldn't scream, get startled, or be scared. I was so wrong, so very wrong! I also have a lot of fond memories of going to Fall festivals as a kid; I honestly need to start going to them again and maybe go on a hayride again too.

20 - What is your favorite photo you've taken in the Fall? 

These are a little older and were taken on my iPhone 5 so they're not the best quality, but I still love these!

Scenic Fall Day Yellow Lab

21 - What is your favorite Autumn activity? 

I really miss trick or treating, not gonna lie. I'd honestly still do it even though I'm in my 20s if it wasn't for the fact that the weather is gross every year; even if I would only go to walk around in my costume. My favorite "adult" Autumn activity would have to be wrapping up in a blanket with a hot beverage and either reading a book or watching TV.

22 - What is your favorite Halloween costume you've ever worn?

I'd say one of my cat costumes, but I wear some form of cat ears year-round; I actually have multiple styles of cat ears for different outfits. My favorite costume that I've ever worn would have to be the Bubbles costume I wore in second grade; when I was obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls.

Autumn This Or That

Photo courtesy of Viktor Hanacek on PicJumbo

1 - Apple picking or pumpkin patch? 

Apple picking

2 - Football games or nature walk?

Nature walk

3 - Thanksgiving or Halloween? 


4 - Batwing sleeves or cat-eye eyeshadow? 

Cat-eye eyeshadow

5 - Dark lips or winged liner? 

Can I have both together? Because it makes for a super cool look.

6 - Apple stuff or pumpkin stuff? 

Pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie!

7 - Cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice? 

Cinnamon, in small amounts.

8 - Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or apple cider? 

All of the above; it just depends on my mood.

9 - Jeans, leggings, or shorts/skirts with tights? 

90% of the time I'm in workout clothes, so leggings; but jeans for going out.

10 - Beanie or hair scarf? 

Hair scarf

11 - Infinity scarf or body wrap? 

Infinity scarf

12 - Booties or knee-high boots? 

Knee-high boots

13 - Flats or wedges? 

Flats because I'm clumsy AF when it comes to walking, LMAO.

14 - Flannels or jumpers/sweaters? 


15 - Hair up in a ponytail/bun or down? 

Up when I'm just sitting around the house or when I'm working out, down when I'm actually going out.

16 - Fairy lights or candles? 

Fairy lights

17 - Scary movie or haunted house? 

Haunted house; it's always a fun and unique experience.

18 - Apple bobbing or making an apple pie? 

Making an apple pie

19 - DIY Halloween costume or DIY Halloween decorations? 

DIY Halloween costume

20 - Pop of orange or yellow in your wardrobe? 

Both; I love playing with color in my wardrobe!

Once again, I'd like to thank Mari for tagging me to do this; these questions were a lot of fun to answer. Some of them I really had to think about too, and I also realized while answering some of these questions that I should take a little more care to make each season a little special every year.

I'm still relatively new to blogging, so I don't have many people to tag, but if you're reading this and you're interested in doing this tag, go right ahead! Also, one more random curiosity, but do you usually call this season Autumn, Fall, or something else? I usually call this season Fall, but the word Autumn is prettier to me!
Thank you for reading, and I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!
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  1. Kat!!! Thank you for the many shout outs on your post. You could have just mentioned me once and I would have been over the moon :D Butt, you mentioned me more than once and I love you for it :3

    You have the cuuuuutest dog ever! What's her name? Or his name if it's a boy :)
    And I like that photograph of the edge of the woods as well. Is that your backyard? The one that you want to explore more?

    I completely forgot about daylight saving times until you mentioned it!

    Mari xx

    1. I just had to give you lots of shout outs! You're so supportive of me in my blogging! :)

      Haha, he's a boy and his name is Tater, he was named Tater because he looked like a tater tot when we got him as a puppy. The name still works very well for him too, and he has many nicknames based off of his name like Sweet Tater (and Rotten Tater when he's being a bad dog). That's not my backyard though, but I wish it was! The woods I want to explore more... well, look at more anyways (the hill is too steep to walk down), is a couple streets over from me. I may have to get a picture if I can go for a walk tomorrow!

      Haha, I kinda forgot it was this weekend, I knew it was coming eventually, just not this quick.

  2. P.S. Also, I've never tried apple cider before. I'm really curious as to what it taste like :3


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