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Meow, hello there, my name is Katherine, but you can call me Kat; because I basically am a cat. Anyways, I am a 26-year-old, lifestyle blogger, with an INFP-T personality type, from the United States. I love fashion, the color pink, cats, dogs, and spending all my time on my computer. I'm often seen wearing cat ears headbands.
The Kat Life
The Kat Life

how I'm choosing to live my best life

Monday, May 11, 2020

6 Things Quarantine Has Made Me Realize

Stay home and save lives
Photo courtesy of Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

So, it's safe to say that 2020 has been the strangest year of my life, and this year isn't going to go quite how I planned it. I was planning to make this the year that I started to come out of my shell a little bit. 2020 was going to be the year that I started to leave the house a little more often, and see what life outside my bedroom had to offer. I wasn't going to let anything stop me from making a serious effort to be less of a hermit this year, nothing at all. When 2020 started, I sincerely believed that nothing was going to stop me from living my best life. What could stop possibly stop me from achieving all of my goals this year? I even came into 2020 with the mentality that there would be ups and downs, but I wouldn't let the downs stop me making this year the best year ever. Nothing can go that wrong, right? Nothing can actually put a stop to my plans! Oof--

Welp, it's looking like 2020 isn't going to be the best year ever, at least not in terms of going out more. I can honestly say that I never thought I'd have such a legitimate excuse for being a homebody, not until I had to be one. I suppose I can't complain too much, as my lifestyle actually hasn't changed that much under quarantine, and I like being home, but it would be nice to have the option to safely go out. I'd love to be able to go to the mall, go to a coffee shop, spend time at the park, and see my boyfriend. I long for the day that I can do all of those things safely. But, for now, I have to try to make the most of quarantine. I mean, what other option do I really have? No, but really, I want to make the most of this time. I also want to use this as a time of reflection, because damn, let me tell you, I've come to quite a few realizations since shit started to hit the fan.

Things I Realized Under Quarantine

Frontline workers do not get nearly enough praise

Thank you nurses and frontline workers
Photo courtesy of Colin D on Unsplash

It goes without saying that, even when things are normal, healthcare workers and first responders don't have an easy job. Not only do they often work long hours, but I can only imagine that their jobs are also emotionally draining, due to the nature of what they do. I have always believed that these hardworking people don't get nearly enough thanks for what they do for their communities, but now more than ever, we should be showing our appreciation for essential workers. They're working long hours, putting themselves at risk, and sacrificing everything to help keep us safe and healthy. So that being said, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the doctors, nurses, and first responders working on the front lines. I'd actually like to thank all of the essential workers who are still working during this pandemic to keep the lights on, keep us safe, keep us fed, deliver our packages, and everything else.

If you're reading and you're an essential worker, thank you for everything that you're doing. Your hard work, bravery, and sacrifices are not going unnoticed. I honestly don't feel like the world can show you enough appreciation. But I hope that you know that you're appreciated and that you're able to stay healthy.

Daily life can change in practically an instant

Stay home, stay safe, save lives
Photo courtesy of Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

When I first heard about the coronavirus back in January of this year, I can honestly say, I didn't think very much would come from it in the US. I knew China was on lockdown, but I never thought that anything like that would happen here. I mean, how many outbreaks have I lived through in my 26 years on this planet now? How could this one be any different? Damn, I was naive thinking that daily life in the US wouldn't change (and change quickly) and that nothing too serious would happen. I was so freaking naive thinking that this sort of stuff could only happen in movies and on TV shows. I'll be honest, it still feels surreal that this is real life, not some crazy dream.

The last time I went shopping back on February 29th, I never would have predicted that the mall would be closed for health and safety reasons a few weeks later. I didn't see a lot of people wearing masks that day, but I felt like I was safe at the mall, as there weren't any confirmed cases in Ohio yet. Then about a week after my shopping trip, the first three cases were found in Ohio. Then soon after that, the lockdowns and closures began, as the number of cases kept rising. So needless to say, now I know how quickly life can change, and that our way of life isn't invincible. Damn, do I know that now.

Normality isn't something to take for granted

Mask and sunglasses
Photo courtesy of Bari Buri on Unsplash

Even though I've always been a homebody, I never put much thought to the fact that when I wanted to go out, I could just go out. I could go to the park and sit down whenever I wanted. I could go to the mall and shop for new clothes just because. There were so many little things that we could all go out and do practically whenever we wanted that we didn't put much thought to. So many things that were never could have imagined could be taken away from us because they were so simple. Perhaps they even seemed a bit boring; we may have actually complained about them at times. But now, many of us long to be able to do these things safely again. We all long for ordinary times, and even the smallest of things seem exciting. Simply feeling safe while going to the grocery store, with or without a mask, feels like a luxury now.

Seriously, we took so much for granted. Perhaps we should use this as a learning opportunity to truly appreciate the little things in life and to appreciate the simplicity of everyday life, even if it may seem dull. Because now we know just how quickly and drastically our lives can change.

Strange times cause people to do bizarre things

Toilet paper
Photo courtesy of Vie Studio on Pexels

Who knew that wiping your ass would be such a luxury in 2020? Am I missing something as to why toilet paper is such a hot commodity during this pandemic, even more so than non-perishable food? I'll admit, at first, I thought the toiler paper thing was kind of funny, I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh at the memes. But then reality hit, and well, shit. People really did hoard all the toilet paper. But why? I will never understand. I will never understand a lot of the weirdness that I've seen since this whole thing started. Do these people not care that other people need to wipe their asses too? Or even more so, do they not understand that other people also need to be able to wash and sanitize their hands to help flatten the curve? Humans are strange, and this pandemic certainly brought out the weirdness in humanity.

Some people severely lack common sense

Photo courtesy of Polina Zimmerman on Pexels

Like I just said, humans are strange, and they do things that make very little sense, like needlessly hoarding toilet paper; and supplies that other people need too. But what's even more concerning is the people who refuse to take any of this seriously, or as I like to call them, covidiots. The people who don't want to listen to trusted health officials and are actually protesting the measures being taken to help slow the spread of this virus. The people who are going into crowded areas, sometimes refusing to wear a mask, or won't wear their mask correctly. The people who are intentionally spreading misinformation, and the people who actually believe some of the ridiculous claims. The people who admittedly don't care for the health and safety of themselves and others.

Seriously, what is wrong with humans? Why can't everyone just take this seriously? I also don't have enough middle fingers for the people who have the nerve to harass frontline workers, or for the people who don't care who they put at risk. Sorry, not sorry, but these covidiots can go step on a freaking lego.

I truly want a life outside of my bedroom

Looking outside in quarantine
Photo courtesy of Viktor Hanacek of PicJumbo

Don't get me wrong, I'm still an introvert, and my home is still my happy place, but being stuck at home has made me realize that I actually do want a life outside of my house. I want to socialize a little bit more, rather than being almost a complete shut-in. I want to go to the park more. I want to go to the shop more. I want to do more outside of my small bedroom. I want to see what the world has to offer outside my home. I sincerely look forward to the day that I can start to come out of my shell a little bit. Not really having the option to do these things made me realize how much I want to do them, once it's safe to. Quarantine has made me realize that I want more in life than to just sit on my computer all day.

Admittedly, my desire to get out more does have a lot to do with someone amazing that's come into my life during this time, not just the quarantine itself. Maybe this sounds cheesy, but he's given me a lot to look forward to during this gloomy time. I look forward to the day that I can spend time with him in person, and not just through calls and texts. I look forward to what my life can be when things start to go back to normal.

This pandemic has certainly made me realize just how much I appreciate life, even when it may seem dull. It's made me appreciate the smallest of things, like having toilet paper. Being quarantined at home has given me the desire to get out more when it finally becomes safe again. It's been a reminder as to just how hard essential workers work, and how crucial everything that they do is to our communities. Unfortunately, it's also been an eye-opener as to just how stupid and selfish humans can be. But on that note, times like these can also bring out the best in people, as people start performing random acts of kindness or go out of their way to help others while practicing social distancing. Sometimes it can be hard to see beyond the chaos, but there is still some good happening as well. It might not make the situation any less serious, but a little positivity is always good to see in times like this. Am I right?

What have you been doing to keep busy during this quarantine? Is there anything special that you're looking forward to when this all ends? Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share? I'd love to hear what you're thinking and what you've been up to. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy, and just know that we'll get through this.

Things I Realized Under Quarantine
Thank you for reading, and I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!
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