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The Kat Life

how I'm choosing to live my best life

Friday, March 22, 2019

10 Tips For New Runners

Photo courtesy of Studio 7042 on Pexels

Spring has officially in the northern hemisphere! Well, at least by the calendar, it's officially Spring; I live in Ohio so it'll probably be a couple more weeks before it actually starts to feel more like Spring consistently. Gotta love the weather in the northeastern and midwestern United States. Anyway, warmer weather is just around the corner, so if you've been thinking of trying running, now is the time to give it a go; and even if you live in the southern hemisphere, Fall can also be a great time to start running as well, when the weather isn't too hot or too cold.

I personally started running in the Spring of 2017 as a way to add in some extra cardio to my regular workout, and although running definitely is challenging, especially in the beginning or when coming back to it after the Winter, it's definitely enjoyable. And while I may not be a professional runner or a personal trainer, I have certainly found ways through a bit of trial and error that help make my runs and jogs better and more enjoyable. So if you're considering getting into running or jogging this Spring, Fall, or really any time, these tips are certainly worth reading, as I honestly wish I knew some of them before I ever started running!

Just a little disclaimer before I start with the tips, as I said before, I am not a professional runner or a personal trainer; so this is by no means professional advice. This is just my advice from one person who runs at their leisure to another, but I honestly love getting advice from people who aren't necessarily professionals, as they have figured out on their own what works and what doesn't, just by trial and error. Just don't forget to check out articles written by professional runners and personal trainers as well, as they definitely know what they are talking about! Anyway, now that that little disclaimer is out of the way... here we go!

1 - Start slow, and don't over do it when you're starting out

Photo courtesy of Andrew Shultz on Unsplash

I know this seems extremely obvious, but seriously, don't push yourself too hard in the beginning. Otherwise, you'll more than likely burn yourself out quickly and you'll absolutely hate it. Trust me, I know; I can't even count the number of times I quickly gave up on running (and fitness in general) after the first two or three runs or workouts when I was in high school because I tried to start from when I wanted to be.

My first run in 2017, when I finally came to enjoy working out, was literally a run down the street that I live on, after walking up the street first. After that I was just going around the block (which is a little less than a mile), in a walk/run fashion twice a week; until I eventually built up the strength to be able to run three, four, five, or more miles, depending on how I felt that day and how I paced myself, three times a week.

Seriously, don't feel bad if you are just running around the block, and taking a few walk breaks; or if you're running slowly in the beginning. It takes time to build strength and endurance, but if you keep at it, and don't give up, you will get there. 

2 - Set your own goals based on what you want to accomplish

Photo courtesy of Spencer Dahl on Unsplash

There are a lot of different goals you may have when you're running. Some people may aim to run faster, some may aim to run farther, some may aim to run longer, or maybe some combination of all of the above; especially if you're a competitive runner. Personally, I'm not a competitive runner, nor do I plan to be in the near future, so aiming for a certain speed isn't my thing. But I do like to challenge myself to run farther and for a longer period of time, as well as on different routes with different hills and inclines. 

Whatever your goals are, just make sure they aren't all purely vanity related, and set ones that make you happy, and do it for you. Even if your goal is to compete, just be sure you're doing it because it's what you want. Don't choose a goal just because it's what others say your goals should be, or it's what your friends' personal goals are.

And if your only goal is to have fun, and explore the area you live in through your runs and jogs, that's perfectly fine too!

3 - Map out your route before you head out

Photo courtesy of Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

Okay, so you don't have to do this for every run, but if it's your first time running or you want to try a new route, it's never a bad idea to map out your route before you head out for your run. Even if you already know the area very well, and won't get lost if you go down a new street or path (I've gotten a little lost in my hometown before, and I've lived here pretty much my whole life... okay, that's embarrassing; I just never had a need to go down certain streets before), it's still not a bad idea to have a plan, and to get an idea of how far you'll be running. There are a ton of apps available for both iOS and Android for planning out your run, as well as several websites that you can use to map out your run before you go and see how many miles you'll be running.

It's also not a bad idea to check the satellite view for sidewalks and trails so you won't be taken by surprise if there isn't a sidewalk; which has also totally happened to me before... *major facepalm*

4 - Always keep the weather in mind if you're running outside

Photo courtesy of Vyacheslav Beda on Unsplash

I know, another obvious one, but seriously, don't forget to check the weather so you'll know what to expect while you're out, or if you should even head out that day at all. Of course, you can run in almost any type of weather if you're really determined; but you don't want to end up being caught in a thunderstorm, or in other hazardous conditions. Nor do you want to end up getting caught in the rain in general when you weren't really expecting it; or to not be dressed appropriately for the heat or cold. 

I personally like to check the weather the night before to plan my outfit based on the forecasted weather. I also like to check the weather right before I head out, and look at the forecast for the next hour to make sure nothing is coming to help avoid surprises; as the weather in Ohio can change rapidly. 

5 - Go number two before you put on your shoes!!

Photo courtesy of Egardo Lagmay on Unsplash

Seriously, just trust me on this, get in the habit of at least trying to go number two before you head out for your run. Because, TMI warning, but I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten a sudden urge to... relieve myself... halfway through my run, and had to cut my run short. I've also had quite a few close calls, just saying. I guess the impact of the movement on your body is enough to help... loosen some things up; and when you're in the middle of a run, possibly over a mile away from home, you don't want to have to worry about that. So just try to go before you head out, even if you don't feel like you have to. 

It's also not a bad idea to avoid large meals or heavy foods before heading out if you really want to be safe. 

6 - Always make sure your shoes, and other clothing, fits securely and properly

Photo courtesy of Pat Kwon on Unsplash

It's no secret that running and jogging are pretty high-impact on the body, and especially on the feet; so you'll want to make sure your feet are supported and secure in your shoes. Always be sure to tie your shoes tight, and make sure your feet aren't moving around in them or they aren't acting like a pair of flip flops while you're running. You don't want them falling off, or getting them caught on anything.

As for other clothing, you'll just want to make sure your pants or shorts fit well and aren't sliding downward so you won't have to worry about pulling them up; and if you have boobs you'll want to wear a bra designed for medium to high-impact sports just to keep them secure and not uncomfortably bouncing around.

7 - Stay mindful of your surroundings... And the ground

Photo courtesy of Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Personally, I find leisure running to be almost meditative, and it's easy for my mind to wander as I'm running and for me to go off into my own little world; especially when I have a good playlist going! This isn't a bad thing at all, but I do find that sometimes I stop paying attention to my surroundings. There have been times where I've nearly missed a turn on my route, didn't fully realize I was crossing the street, and of course, there have also been times where I've nearly tripped over uneven parts of the sidewalk, sticks that aren't there normally, slipped in gravel or mud on the sidewalk after rain, or almost stepped in a pothole (gotta love Ohio). 

So seriously, just do your very best to stay mindful and aware of your surroundings, and your path, so you don't end up tripping over anything. Remember to always stay safe when you're running, and know what's going on around you as well.

8 - Change things up from time to time

Photo courtesy of Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

If you run or jog regularly, you're more than likely eventually going to get bored of taking the same route every time and listening to the same playlist; and it may become a bit of a drag. So don't be afraid to change up your route every now and then! Changing your route up can actually be a great opportunity to see parts of the area you live in that you don't normally see, and to just challenge yourself with a different route. And don't forget to refresh your playlist from time to time too!

9 - Pay attention to your body and know what your limits are

Photo courtesy of Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

While it's great to push yourself, you definitely don't want to overdo it when it comes to running, or with any workout for the matter. Running, in particular, is a challenge on the entire body though; so you'll want to be sure you're looking out for your body and what it needs. Especially if you have any health problems or injuries that can potentially be aggravated by cardio, or high-impact activity. It's also worth noting that your limit may vary from day to day, even if you're relatively healthy, and don't have any injuries. Even mild allergies or colds can really affect how you feel while you're running, as well as how well you slept the night before, and how tired your muscles are from other workouts. 

And don't forget to take care of your body before, during, and after your run! Make sure you drink plenty of water (you'll definitely need more when you're running on hot days, or when you're sweating a lot), take the time to stretch properly, eat foods that fuel your body, and take rest days so your body can have time to recover.

10 - Know that different factors can affect your run, and every run will be different

Photo courtesy of Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels

As I said in the last tip, how you feel during your run will vary from day-to-day and from run-to-run; so it's important to know that not every run will feel like your best. There are many different factors that can affect your run such as how you're feeling physically, your energy level that day, or even your mood! You'll probably also find that the weather can have a direct impact on your run, especially on really hot or cold days, as well as on rainy days. The terrain you're running on can also have a big effect on your run as well. So just keep all of that in mind, and know that it's okay if you have a bad run and that you don't have to beat your personal best on every run. 

Are you planning on trying running this Spring, Fall, or anytime soon? Or if you already run regularly, what advice can you offer to someone who is just starting out, or give as pointers to other runners in general? Do you run year-round, or seasonally? (I personally avoid running in the Winter because I'm not fond of the cold, and it can get rather icy and slick where I live.) Or do you hate running and avoid it altogether, haha. Let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Thank you for reading, and I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!
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